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 Issue #36 will be published in Feb. 2017.  

All poets will receive a reply regarding their submission to bottle rockets (#36) AFTER  the November 30th deadline.  

  Please do not expect a answer on your submission immediately after the deadline, as we have receiveda lot of last minute submissions. The later the submission, the less of a chance your work will be  accepted as there are a set number of pages for each issue.
 (We encourage sending your work in at the beginning of a submission period, not at the end..)  
As of December 1, 2016, bottle rockets press will no longer accept e-mail submissions.  All submissions must be mailed in via post.  No SASE is necessary if you reside outside the USA.  ( Please include your e-mail address with your written submission so that we may reply to you. If no e-mail address is included, your submission will be discarded.) If you reside within the USA, please continue to include a SASE as before.
(If you live within the USA, nothing has changed since the last issue.(If you live within the USA, nothing has changed since the last issue.

This reading period (for issue #36) is now closed.  

We follow deadlines in a strict fashion. 



Thank you!

See The Mag section for important information about subscriptions. 

 Please save all of us time & effort and read the submission guidelines before you submit. Thank you.  12-1-2016  (Year of the Monkey.)


bottle rockets is a publication made of poetry, paper, and ink.

bottle rockets is not an e-zine.