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The Haiku Path Workshops

The Haiku Path combines the practice of haiku & meditation. The practice of composing haiku—and even reading it—can be beneficial in many ways for a person. Haiku practice increases our focus and appreciation of what we have and see in our daily lives, It is a way of expressing the self and understanding one’s place in our world. Haiku addresses important themes of life and it can be enjoyable and beneficial for just about anyone. 

Combining basic meditation with the “Haiku Way” is not something new. It is a practice that has been in existence close to 500 years in Japan. Meditation calms the mind, relieves stress and is a source of renewal. These qualities are needed to have a haiku mind. Both meditation and haiku focus on the present moment, the uncluttering of the mind, awareness and seeing things as they truly are. Therefore, the haiku path is a place of refuge that can be found anywhere and anytime. 

Workshops on the Haiku Path are available for:
-Cancer Centers
-Hospice Centers
-Extended Care & Rehabilitation Centers
-Health Fairs
-Community Events
-Places of Worship & Contempation
-Private groups

The Haiku Path can:
-enhance the development of one's prose and verse.
-improve the planning and reading one's work at a spoken word venues.
-improve one's method of approaching a topic
-improve one's perception and awareness in order to take one's work to the next step
-teach how to ask questions, examine prose and verse of one's own work, as well as others.
-teach how to present one's work through artist books and other creative media. 

Some other possibilities:
--Conducting workshops near you.
--Private mentorship for individuals
  or small groups.
--Freelance editing of manuscripts. 

Workshops can be scheduled by a group and Stanford is willing to travel. Stanford M. Forrester also gives lessons to individuals who are interested in bettering their craft and/or looking for poetic mentorship.  

Please contact Stanford M. Forrester via e-mail for arranging workshops or programs: